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The low cost solution for bulk mailers!

Bulk Mail Lite
Saves you money!
Makes bulk mailing quick and easy! 
Make sure your mailing gets the proper processing and prompt delivery it deserves!

Consider your present mailing system:

  • Is it cost effective?
    Do have to purchase additional modules? Are you paying for more product than you need or can use? What is your system really costing you?
    Bulk Mail Lite saves you money!

  • Is it easy to use?
    Or do you have to export, import, and perform other procedures to get the job done? What is your time worth? Bulk Mail Lite is easy to learn, easy to use.

  • Does your mailing get processed promptly?
    If your bulk mailing is incorrectly prepared the Post Office may still accept it, they just won't process it in a timely fashion - that's assuming they don't return it to you or destroy your mailing as undeliverable. One of our customers told us that before using Bulk Mail Lite it was taking her mail over 3 weeks to be delivered - now it gets delivered the next day! How important is your mailing?
    Bulk Mail Lite optimizes your mailing for prompt Postal handling!
BulkMail Lite for Instant Impact! has all the power and performance of Bulk Mail Professional but without the CASS certification abilities and costs. You save money by CASS certifying your Farms through Information Products!

The way this works is simple

Postal regulations require that your mailing be CASS certified.  No CASS certification, no rate discount, no savings.  CASS programs are expensive - they're complicated programs that require regular updates of Postal data and frequent upgrades to stay in compliance with the ever changing Postal standards. 
This means that you either invest in a program that can CASS certify your mailing data or you can pay someone to CASS certify your data for you.

The more you mail... the more you'll save! 

What are you waiting for?  Order Bulk Mail Lite Now!

Farm CASS certification
$25.00 minimum fee per farm up to 5,000 records, $5.00 per 1,000 records per farm thereafter.  Postal Regulations require that your data be re-certified every 90 days to qualify for Bulk Mail discounts.

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