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Put together professional CMA Reports quickly and easily!

Create a professional comparative market analysis from your farm-files in a snap! The CMA ADD-ON Module lets you easily put together a colorful and informative CMA package.

Over 50 reports are provided, and you can print them all or you can pick and choose. A full CMA Report printout can contain over 25 pages including comparison reports, tips for precision pricing and fast selling, moving checklists, and much more. It even includes Buyers Tour reports!

  • Buyers Tour Reports!
  • Enhanced CMA record management - copy records from any information manager into CMA Module; it's quick and easy!

CMA Reports (Click to enlarge image)

With CMA Reports supplied in both color and black & white formats,
you'll get the best results regardless of what kind of printer you own!

CMA Reports (Click to enlarge image)

Professional CMA's!
Get the information you need
with CMA Reports.

Over a dozen reports! (Click to enlarge image)

Over 50 reports!
You can print them all or you can pick and choose your customized CMA Package!

Enhanced Import Wizard Included!

The CMA ADD-ON Module has replaced RedCap as the MLS data converter! MLS System Import Wizard templates are now included with the program. Import your MLS data and create CMA Reports with one ADD-ON!

Here are a few of the MLS Import Wizard templates included in the CMA ADD-ON Module:

  • CLAW
  • CrisNet MLS
  • Desert MLS
  • East Bay MLS
  • I-Tech MLS
  • List-It MLS
  • MLSLite / MLSPro
  • MRMLS Matrix
  • Sandicor MLS
  • Tempo (Socal) MLS


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