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Another fine product by Information ProductsThe Instant Flyers program has been totally redesigned!

More Features! More Power! More to help you succeed!

This powerful and elegant program helps you, the Real Estate Professional, create stunning flyers and other promotional material such as door hangers or postcards quickly and easily! An easy and effective way to use your digital images!

Instant Flyers has over 100 different templates for you to pick and choose from! Once you've created a project, such as a flyer, you can easily create other promotional materials (such as door hangers) just by switching templates!

You'll be productive in no time! We've even included multimedia tutorials to show you just how easy it is!
Once you've created your project you can:
Save it for future use or reference.
Export it to a PDF file so that you can send it to a print house.
Email it** from within Instant Flyers!
** Requires that you already have email and an email program such as Outlook setup on your PC, email option may not work with AOL.
Export it as an image file (such as JPG or BMP) for use in other programs.
And much more!
Instant Flyers version 3.3 Features
Instant Flyers 3.3 is now Microsoft Vista compatible!
Run Instant Flyers 3.3 as a standalone program or within Instant Impact!
Pull property information such as site address, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. from your Instant Impact! Information Manager (Farm Manager, Contact Manager, etc.) directly into your flyers or other projects created with Instant Flyers 3.3!
Merge images that you've associated with your Instant Impact! Information Manager listings into Instant Flyers 3.3!
Built-in support for Instant Impact!'s Action Plan and Campaign Manager features!

Sample Flyer, Door Hanger and Postcard.
Demonstrates how you can created different promotional materials
just by switching templates!

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Door Hanger
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Post Card
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